Level One

Learning Yoga

For people with little experience

Focus: Introduces methods to build physical & mental strength whilst developing deep relaxation skills.

NO inversions are taught in this class.

”Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless struggles of life.”
-BKS Iyengar

“I have been enjoying attending the classes once again, and being able to join in on Zoom is great; no need to be rushing out of the house for a morning class, making sure all is done before heading off.”
-Debra Hoadley

Peter Scott Yoga runs online classes one on one and group classes for students and yoga teachers to learn
Peter Scott Yoga is a well renowned yoga instructor with international experience in teaching yoga theory and practical activity

Level Two


Focus: attention and awareness to strengthen yoga practice with more subtle actions. Creates alignment to reduce tension, increase strength, flexibility and experience wellbeing

For yoga students with experience of inversions & props. Sanskrit names and pranayama included.

“Asanas maintain the strength and health of the body without which little progress can be made. asanas keep the body in harmony with nature”
-BKS Iyengar

“I’m thoroughly enjoying the classes, I get so much out of your instruction and guidance in the poses, so many gems!What I love is that you give the tools to achieve the outcomes in a way that’s easy to understand and implement, and your anatomical explanations are fascinating. And you do Zoom really well, it’s almost like being in a real class! Covid has definitely been good for some things, having the opportunity to be in your classes has been wonderful.”
-Sally O’Grady

Level Three

Advanced Asana

For experienced yoga practitioners who can practice inversions for 10mins with variations or equivalent

Focus: intricate instructions, sequencing and breath are used to progress into advanced asana.

”You have to create love and affection for the body for what it can do for you.”
-BKS Iyengar

Peter’s Level 3 class is truly Level 3. I get the opportunity to work on advanced

asana that I wouldn’t normally practice on my own (especially during these current unsocial times!). Being online you have the advantage of working with your own l

imitations. Peter provides modifications if you have an injury etc., while simultaneously scrutinising every student to ensure everyone is understanding the actions he is teaching.
-Nicole Schroeter

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Peter in a yoga position with arms and legs twisted around body

Slow Paced Class

For yoga people who like to work slower and deeper.

Focus: Postures are taught with modifications and props to support and sustain the physiological benefits of Iyengar Yoga: creating stability, building energy and mental agility and soothing the nerves.

These classes are suitable for all levels of yoga students

“… your classes are taking me back into details, extending my knowledge and offering me insight into things I have often questioned or misunderstood – like the dorsal spine in for example! A revelation to be sure!”
-Paea Leach

Personal Sessions

Peter offers four types of Private session. Each session focuses on your needs and goals. The sessions are for any level – from people new to yoga all the way to advanced teachers. Sessions are 30mins/45mins/60mins.

Address common problem areas: such as lower back issues, tendonitis or muscles strains.Yoga asana and sequences target tensions and restore healthy function to accelerate healing. Use by itself or alongside remedial practices such as massage, osteopathy, acupuncture.

Develop a home wellness program customized to you body, mind and lifestyle. Complements and balances other exercise regimes like running, cycling, kayaking and dancing.

Overcome barriers to your yoga progress. When issues arise or you feel blocked in doing the yoga you want, these sessions help you diagnose and address the issues.Elevate your yoga practice advance to new levels by extending your practice of asana, sequences and pranayama. These sessions help you find new pathways and insights allowing you to do asanas at higher levels.

Elevate your yoga practice advance to new levels by extending your practice of asana, sequences and pranayama. These sessions help you find new pathways and insights allowing you to do asanas at higher levels.

“The genius of Peter is he knows what my body needs better than I do. His insight is uncanny and clear instructions fix issues on the spot and invariably leave me feeling better. I’ve been doing privates with him for over a decade. My ability to do yoga and more impressively overall well-being have progressively improved. Sessions with him can sometimes challenge me, but in a way that a brilliant coach does. They are completely safe and always inspiring. I feel fortunate to learn and train from someone with who is clearly a leading expert worldwide.”
-Anthony Joseph


Focus: on mindfulness in practice

Sessions include variations, modifications & refinement in asana and pranayama.

Workshops are helpful to yoga students / practitioners and teachers. Bring your questions about yoga and practise to these sessions to be answered. Peter will happily answer them during and before the session.

“Great info I’ll work on this. After your classes my mind feels calm and the body light. During Sunday’s workshop something that resonated with me was breaking down the actions in the legs to stay longer in Ardha Halasana feet on the chair. This helped me to focus in a new way.”
-Debra Raboteg